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"1000 Ways To Give" begins its mission on L.A.'s skid row
Monday, January 16th in Los Angeles, California

To begin the fresh New Year, Nia Lyte, Co-Founder and Chief Director of the Agency for Donations & Grants, tackles the dispirited quandary of homelessness and despair with her latest global undertaking “1000 Ways to Give" as part of SKF’S Global Donation Initiative of the Agency for Donations & Grants.


A team of 10 stalwart project volunteers band-of-brothered to one of the most dangerous areas in Los Angeles, Skid Row, in Downtown LA, with a truck full of clothes and foods to provide the residing homeless a spark of hope and light in an often dark and forgotten area.


The project distributed over 1,400 pieces of fruit, 700 hand-made sandwiches, over 700 drinks donated by the Coca-Cola Company and 1500 pieces of clothes to the homeless trapped in Skid Row. The Los Angeles Police Department kindly mobilized their Community Mobile-Sub Station to the dilapidated area and generously helped to secure the impoverished section of LA and protect the activities of the volunteer staff for over 4 hours.


According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, in 2003, children under the age of 18 accounted for 39% of the homeless population; 42% of these children were under the age of five (National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, 2004).


Nia's vision for the "1000 ways to give" project asserts that everyone deserves kindness, food and clothes. “We cannot judge why they are homeless,” Lyte’s heartfelt words ring true, “because each person's journey is unique.


“Many people ask, ‘How you can fix the problem with sandwiches?’ I respond that it’s not about the sandwich or the fruit or the clothes. It is about the intention that goes with the sandwich, the fruit and the clothes.”


Nia and her team arose at 6:00 am and gathered to prepare each sandwich by hand and wash the fruits with the intention to give love, kindness and a healthy meal to each homeless individual.


The selfless volunteers included: Marissa Solis, John Edward Solis, Josh Solis, Claudia Hallowell, Ricardo Geiseken, Kostas Geiseken, Stanley Wong, Ko Bossy, Renzarro, Guillermo Quezada and police officers of the Los Angeles Police Department.


For more information about the Global Donation Initiative of the Agency for Donations & Grants, please visit the official page at this page.

Contact: Dr. Craig Reid, Media Director

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