Dec 21, 2020

Tropical Cyclone Yasa

Cyclone Yasa
TC Yasa, a category 5 storm cyclone, brought gusts of wind of up to 345km per hour, causing flooding and landslides. Fiji’s second-largest island Vanua Levu and coastal areas of many islands were impacted by storm surges and flooding during the height of the storm on the 17th of December 2020.

In the aftermath of the cyclone and flooding, there has been a loss of lives, many people left homeless, massive destruction of building, school, hospitals, public infrastructure, and businesses, villages and some maritime islands were flattered, and livelihoods destroyed. The full cost of the damage suffered by the people of Fiji will not be known for a few weeks as the relief assessment teams are currently working hard with the limited resources they have and with the assistance from donor countries to span the whole of affected Fiji. However, the cost of damage is estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars. It was the strongest storm in the basin since TC Winston in 2016 and the strongest in the cyclone season 2020-21.

How Donations Will be Used
KIF Japan in Tokyo was contacted by the Embassy of Fiji, Tokyo to provide contribution towards the Tropical Cyclone Yasa Relief Appeal Fund set up by the Embassy of the Republic of Fiji to assist the people of Fiji, who have been badly affected by the most horrific cyclone destruction. We are working with the Embassy to collect donations through our national chapters and partners.

According to the Embassy of Fiji Tokyo, the relief donations will be used to rebuild the lives of the many people across Fiji who suffered the cyclone’s drastic devastation to their home and livelihood. Notable schools un Bua, Macuata, Cakaudrove in Vanua Levu, Traveuni, Yasawa, and Southern Lau have suffered severe damage to classrooms, teachers quarters, textbooks, school resources, etc. These schools are needed to be built now, forcing many students to find alternative school to continue their studies as reconstruction work on these schools would take 1 to 2 years to complete. Also, many affected students would be without school stationery and uniforms.


Our Disaster Relief Initiative


1000 Ways To Give is a global initiative that provides international assistance which connects people with the resources they desperately need, including natural disasters. Specifically, underrepresented and underprivileged individuals and families are assisted though this program. Local individuals and businesses donate items, which are then directly delivered to underrepresented and underprivileged individuals and families. In the past years, we have provided relief efforts, items and funds to victims of natural disasters in various countries as well as to hundreds of homeless, underrepresented and underprivileged individuals and families in Downtown Los Angeles and elsewhere.

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