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About 2013 Discovery Tour
The discovery tour this year was very smooth, inspirational and successful overall, although it was the first time and considered as a pilot program to test the water. It has directly outreached and inspired over 2000 young Japanese people in person, especially girls in teen and early in 20s in 10 Prefectures such as Tokyo, Miyagi, Kyoto, Osaka, Okayama, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, Fukuoka, Kagoshima, Okinawa in just 9 days in despite of Obon season, the busiest travel and vacational season of the year. Through the social media such as Twitter and Facebook, it has reached out over one million supporters, fans and followers throughtout the world. The participants truly expressed their heartfelt pleasant and excitement of being part of the dreamlike journey with many of them in tears. They enjoyed evey second of their time interacting with their role models Dylan, Cole and Shin. After the tour completed, those who has attended the events enthusiastically voiced to the staff of SKF JAPAN, "Thank you, thank you for making my dream come true!!", "It was like a DREAM!", "I will never forget this experience that SKF has made happen for the rest of my life", "I'm inspired to go to the US" and many more...
DATE: August 7th ~ August 17th, 2013
Social Media: Twitter and Facebook
TW: Dyla Sprouce (@dylansprouse), Cole Sprouse (@colesprouse), Shin Koyamada (@shinkoyamada)
FB: SKF, SKF Japan, SKF Kyoto, SKF Osaka, SKF Okayama, SKF Fukuoka, SKF Kagoshima, SKF Okinawa

Prefecture Route (activities)


① TOKYO (Sightseeing/Talk Show/Meet&Greet)


② MIYAGI (Sightseeing/Meet&Greet)


③ KYOTO (Sightseeing/Meet&Greet)


④ OSAKA (Sightseeing/Meet&Greet)


⑤ OKAYAMA (Sightseeing/Talk Show/Meet&Greet)


⑥ HIROSHIMA (Sightseeing/Meet&Greet)


⑦ YAMAGUCHI (Meet&Greet/Talk Show)


⑧ FUKUOKA (Meet&GreetTalk Show)


⑨ KAGOSHIMA (Sightseeing/Talk Show)


⑩ OKINAWA (Sightseeing/Meet&Greet/Talk Show)

Foot Step

8/7(Wed): Leaving Hollywood to Tokyo, Japan

8/8 (Thr) : Tokyo
Arriving at the Haneda Airport with over 50 fans waiting for them at 4am Strolling around the famous Akihabara area with SKFJ staff Visiting the Akihabara Radio Building, Sweet Potato and others Visiting the Prime Minister's official residence A private dinner with the SKFJ staff and others related

Visiting to meet the real Pro Sumo Wrestlers and see their trainings A talk show with over 300 audience at the Aeon Mall Laketown Hug, sign & autograph with the audience after the show Exchange dialogue with Mr. Aisawa, a House of Representative A dinner at the famous Jiro's Sushi Restaurant in Roppongi

Taking photos with fans at a Shinkansen train station Visiting the destroyed Arahama Elementary School in Tohoku Disaster Visiting to pay respect at the destroyed three-story building of the town's Crisis Management Dep Temporary commercial district to support the victims of the disaster in Minamisanriku Town Watching the professional baseball game at the Miyagi Stadium in Sendai

A lunch with Kyoto Mayor Kadokawa, SKF Kyoto staff and US Consul General Linehan Strolling around the Kiyomizu Temple, lifting an ancient heavy metal monk staff Visiting the Kyoto Managa International Museum After visiting to see the real Samurai armers and sowrds at Tozando, changing to Yukata outfit Strolling around Nijo Castle and Tanabata Festival with Kyoto Mayor Kadokawa

A lunch with the US Consul General Linehan and his consulate staff A commemorative photo with the SKF Osaka's Executive Director Exchanging dialogue with the US Consul General Linehan at his Consulate office Taking photos and signing autograph with fans at the Shinkansen Station Taking off the station as the fans are seeing them off right outside on the platform

Exchanging dialogue with Mr. Ohara, the owner/chairman of the famous Ohara Art Museum in Kurashiki Strolling around the Kurashiki Bikan historical quarter in Kurashiki SKF Okayama hosts the talk show at the famous Okayama Prefectural Library in Okayama After the talk show and Q&A, they gave autograph and taking photos with fans at the Library Strolling around the famous Okayama Koraku Garden, one of three national Japanese gardens of Japan

After greeting with fans at the train station, visiting the famous Hiroshima Castle in Hiroshima Hearing the brief lecture about the history of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and being guided to inside Strolling around the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and studying a A-Bomb Dome Paying respect at the Memorial Cenotaph inside the park Eating famous Hiroshima Okonomiyaki, a Japanese savoury pancake at lunch with the Prefectural gov staff

8/14(Wed):Yamaguchi (Iwakuni)(Afternoon)
Visiting the Iwakuni US Base and greeting over 200 American youth Taking photos with the youth at the Base Taking photos with the middle school students at the Base The troops are videotaping the visit to promote it Answering their questions and giving them autographs

A talk show with over 300 Japanese teenage girls and young adults Giving audience the welcoming handshakes and autograph Q&A session with the MC from Miyazaki and showing Prom Dance Mr. Koyamada leads the talk show as a show host Exchanging dialogue with the pre-selected audience and taking photos

SKF Kagoshima hosts the talk show at the Kagoshima City Welfare Plaza with over 300 participants After the show, they gave the audience autograph, took photos and exchanged dialogue Taking ferry for the sightseeing of the famous Sakurajima volcano Exchanging dialogue with Kagoshima Mayor Mori at his office Strolling around the famous Shimazu clan's Sengan Park and the residence in Kagoshima City

SKF Okinawa hosted the welcoming party with the Okinawan performers at the American Village in Chatan, Okinawa Over 500 Okinawan and American supporters and fans lined up waiting to greet them in person Signing autograph, taking photos and exchanging dialogue with fans and followers At the after party, the Japanese Ambassador in Okinawa gives the welcoming speech and thank SKF Okinawa The Ginowan Mayor Sakima gives the welcoming speech and thank SKF Okinawa

8/17(Sat):Leaving Okinawa to Hollywood


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