Founder and Chairman

Shin Koyamada

Shin Koyamada is an internationally renowned actor, producer, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Koyamada became best known to global audiences after his co-starring role in the Warner Bros. blockbuster film The Last Samurai as well as starring role in the Disney Channel worldwide hit television movie Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior. Since 2004, Koyamada has been empowering tens of thousands of global youth and women to achieve their dreams and pursue higher education for renowned international NGOs and well-known educational institutions as well as providing humanitarian aid efforts for several natural disasters for a number of countries. Koyamada became the first native-born Japanese as Board of Directors of Sister Cities International (SCI), founded in 1956 with over 500 community cities, counties, and states representing over 2,000 partnerships in over 140 countries. In Japan, Koyamada serves as Goodwill Ambassadors for City of Kyoto and Okayama Prefecture as well as Karate Ambassador for 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. For more info, please visit her official site at

Founder and President

Nia Lyte

Nia Lyte is a TED Talk Speaker, author, entrepreneur and philanthropist. At the United Nations Headquarters in New York, Lyte made closing keynote speech about gender equality, women’s empowerment and global mindset before global leaders and also participated with Colombian Ambassador to the U.N. to discuss gender equality for U.N. Women. In addition, she has spoken to thousands of youth, women and business leaders for many renowned international NGOs and educational institutions in the U.S. and Japan. Lyte also serves as board members for Women in Cable & Telecommunication (WICT) of Southern California, Japan America Society (JAS) of Southern California and Sister Cities International (SCI) of Southern California. At the U.S. Capital in Washington D.C., Lyte has worked under a senior U.S. Congressman as Hispanic Director. Since 2005, Lyte is Founder and President of Shinca Group, an international entertainment and consulting company. As author, Lyte wrote a nationally published book titled The Power of Your Inner Beauty. For more info, please visit her official site at

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Takato Watabe

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Marina Craven

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Aki Mashiko